Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Best Gifts For Mom

V-Style 4/18 9:48A A
My Mom Gave Me Style My mother was passionate about parenting in a way that encouraged dreaming, creating, and inventing. I have numerous memories of fabric stores, crafts shops, and [ ]

How To Style Sweatpants + Best Joggers EVER

V-Style 4/18 3:54A K W
Joggers is a new-age word for sweatpants, and although most modern joggers are far more stylish and flattering than their old-school counterparts, a lot of people need help with these [ ]

Most Flattering Women’s Shorts This Summer

V-Style 4/13 12:52P vstyle
Women s shorts can be the bane of existence for some, and a uniform for others. My clients who run really hot can t get out of them, but most of my [ ]

How To Wear A Sweater Tank

V-Style 3/22 7:40A vstyle
Sweater tanks are fresh. I can picture some of my clients saying, Finally! A casual top that isn t a t-shirt or a fashion-forward blouse I don t understand. It is incredibly [ ]

The Best High Waisted Leggings

V-Style 3/15 6:05A Maddy
The Best Leggings The best and most flattering leggings are high-waisted leggings with a wide band at your high waist. The most flattering leggings also tend to be made of [ ]

Spilling the Tea on Microdosing Magic Mushrooms (VLOG!)

Fashion Lush 3/8 2:50P Erica Stolman
FIRST FOREMOST, just so we re all on the same page, microdosing psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) is the act of taking a teeny tiny dose... The post Spilling the Tea on Microdosing Magic Mushrooms (VLOG!) appeared first on Fashionlush .

Most Comfortable Jeans: High Waisted Stretch Jeans

V-Style 2/28 7:42A vstyle
No one saw me in jeans for about 30 years. Why? They were uncomfortable. I obviously understood the versatility of jeans, but I couldn t comprehend why everyone was so dedicated [ ]

Snake Hoops – A Fresh Take On Hoop Earrings

V-Style 2/12 8:14A vstyle
Hoop earrings are still the most versatile earring shape today. They never go out of style, or as I like to say, they never get tired. The term timeless couldn t [ ]

The Best Denim Jumpsuits & Rompers

V-Style 2/7 2:58P vstyle
Women s denim jumpsuits and rompers can be intimidating. Hell, jumpsuits in general are intimidating. You have to pee topless and most of them have the uncanny talent of adding 20 [ ]

Most Comfortable Women’s Thongs – Best Panties Ever

V-Style 1/18 4:00P vstyle
Hanky Panky $20 I basically only wear thong underwear, and I only wear the comfiest of thongs. I have zero tolerance for any discomfort in my clothing, especially my underwear. So my extensive 10-year...

What Colors Go Well With Tan Pants

V-Style 1/13 5:11A vstyle
top: Anthropologie (similar idea, here ), pants: Good American , booties: Caslon (similar here, or try these ), earrings: similar here , ring 1: Aurate , ring 2: Aurate Tan or camel clothing is a...
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